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You're More Than Just a Boss...

Lord, some of you may get in your feelings about this one, but it’s okay I had to come to this realization about myself too.

Many of you are hiding behind your careers to deflect from your personal lives and feelings that you dread to reflect upon.

Often times, it this because we believe we can control the outcomes of our career endeavors more than we can the happenings of our own personal lives. Our personal lives requires flexibility, adaptability and most importantly vulnerability.

In working with many of my clients I would hear them say I’m a boss, I got my ish together, people just need to get on my level. When in reality, their career maybe thriving, but their personal lives and emotion IQ have taken and continue to take a major hit.

Consider this, if you were stripped of your various titles and/or positions would you be able to sit with the person you actually are or feel lost in the persona you have become?

When ww say you’re more than just _____, we are reiterating the fact that the relationship with yourself is the most important priority you can ever have. Without that everything else truly just doesn’t matter because you haven’t nurture your true essence to show up authentically in any other position.

Note to self, step away from the laptop, step away from unrealistic expectations you have placed on yourself and allow yourself to just be. It’s time to confront those things you pretend are there that needs your undivided attention.

You need you more than that career could ever show up for you sweetie…

What are you recognizing you’re more than within your life right now?!?!?

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