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Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself!

Hey Everybody and Happy Thursday! For those of you that are new to my page allow me to formally introduce myself! My name is Lauren Michelle Jackson, LCPC, CDVP & Life Coach. I am known for empowering women to live their absolute best lives through healing from their trauma & redefining their self-worth. Minding my Black Woman Owned business, my company Cultivate Your Essence is one of Chicago’s premiere mental health private practices. We are a team of incomparable, highly skilled black women from our administrative to clinical staff. Our services are dedicated to WOC, while prioritizing Black Women’s mental health. Being a licensed clinical professional counselor, certified life coach and certified domestic violence professional women trust me to help them develop healthy relationships with themselves that ultimately affects their relationship with others. I like to refer of myself as your residential homegirl therapist 💁🏾‍♀️. I try to leave my followers with education, honesty, vulnerability and most importantly accountability in a fun yet loving way. An extra fun fact about me is that I love all things beauty, food, entrepreneurship and exploring new experiences! So when I’m not working with clients you can catch me indulging in one of my #LMJFavoriteThings, out & about via #LookOutForLauren and coming soon #ConfessionsOfATherapist! So cheers to amazing 2022! Pray that throughout this year you learn more about me and leave my page feeling empowered to make powerful changes in your own life! #lifestyleinfluencer #lookoutforlauren #therapistsofinstagram#lifestyle #womenempowerment #mentalhealth #worthy#worthit #lifecoach #wocmentalhealth #BIPOC #blackwomen

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